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Musings on the book industry, technology, women's issues and other important news in my world.

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    About Me

    I’m Claire S. Gould, and this blog features my musings and current reading on the publishing industry and feminist movement.

    I’m still hopelessly undecided on the e-book versus paper book debate, although yes, my eyes hurt from a backlit screen, and no, my apartment can scarcely accommodate my ever-growing book collection.

    Aside from my interest in publishing and feminist activism, I enjoy drinking caffeine, going to art shows, watching arty films, reading and writing about social justice issues, and urban exploring.

    You can find me on Twitter (Bibliofeminista and my personal account), LinkedIn, Facebook and GoodReads or view my writing clips, resume and professional work.

    If you are an author or publicist, I often review advanced copies of books — always for free.