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    "Ms. SIMPSON: It did, indeed. I was mooned when I was in the radio studios. My first job was in radio in Chicago and the men were not happy that I had been hired, and felt I’d been hired because I was simply a black woman and not because I might be qualified to do the job. But they set out to try to make me mess up on the air. And aside from mooning me, I had a big rubber tarantula thrown on the desk; my papers were set afire. And you’re on the air live so you can’t say anything. And you know what they did, Liane? By trying to make me mess up, they gave me focus. And to this day, there could be an explosion in this studio right now and I would continue talking to you like nothing happened."

    PR interview.

    From her first day on the radio in Iowa City in 1964, Carole Simpson had to regularly deal with racial and gender discrimination in the broadcast news business. She now teaches journalism at Emerson College in Boston, and has written a memoir of her long, hard road to the network anchor chair. It’s called, “News Lady.” 

    (Source: NPR)

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