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    Reading Suggestions

    If I’ve missed your blog, or there’s an organization or news source you think should be listed here, please let me know! I’d like this to be as complete as possible to be a good resource for us all.

    Reading a diverse range of voices on a topic is the only way I’m able to learn and challenge my own understanding, and I expect others feel the same.

    Indie Book Lovers & Reviewers: on TumblrThe MillionsWet AsphaltAlgonquin Books BlogMaud NewtonBookslut. The Canary. Words with Writers. Shelf Talkers Anonymous. Living with Literature. Literary Hoarders. The Grammarian’s Reviews. The Paper Reader.

    Feminist Tumblrs: professional feminist blogger/writers, male feminists, students and academics, collaborative ventures, memes, and other awesome feminists. Also, Tumblrs who post primarily on LGBT rights, sexual assault and rape, and books, media, and feminism.

    Feminist Blogs: personal and collaborative. Feminist organizations and their blogs

    Feminist Topics: What is feminismEcofeminism. Indigenous Feminism. Weddings and Marriage. Feminism in Brazil.

    Feminist Books: GoodReads suggestions. Also, a collection of readings on sexual assault and rape.

    Feminist Book Clubs:

    Feminist Fashion Blogs: a l’allure garconniere. ThreadBared. Good Morning Midnight.

    Feminist Magazines: Bitch. Bust. Ms. Shameless.

    Other Feminist Media:. Tiara: Feminist Technology Blog. Vag Magazine. Nist.Tv.