What’s The Best Prom Dress For Your Body Shape?

Finding the best prom dress can be an uphill task. This is because ladies do not always know what their body type will look good in. There are also many types of formal gowns and formal dresses designed specifically for prom that are available today. Furthermore, there are several terms that are currently used to describe designs, styles, necklines and lengths of prom dresses. This is probably why the best of us get overwhelmed when it comes to selection of best prom dresses regardless of whether you are shopping online or speaking to a sales clerk of a formal wear shop.

Best Prom Dresses For Every Body Type

The following are some descriptions of prom dresses that are appropriate for certain body types (see more pictures here):

  • Hour glass – The hour glass body type is basically the body that curvy women have. A prom dress of a trumpet style is good for hour glass body types as it accentuates their curves so as to display a woman’s hour glass figure in an attractive way.
  • Inverted triangle – This body type is for women who are a bit busty. Prom dresses of a mermaid style characterized with a slit, beaded straps and a deep sweetheart neckline would be ideal. The straps of the prom dress will provide extra support while still managing to cover up the bra straps.
  • Rectangle – This body shape describes athletic women. A mermaid style prom dress with a beaded design should suffice. The silhouette of the dress will give your body a slim appearance while your curves will be more pronounced due to its beaded design.
  • Pears shaped – A prom dress with a flowing skirt, heavily beaded top, a natural waistline and a sweetheart neckline would be good for girls with a pear shape. The natural waistline and beaded top will attract attention to the top of the prom dress as the waist down is camouflaged with the flowing skirt.
  • Apple – This body shape is girls who carry their weight through the middle of their bodies. This means that they have an undefined waist. The prom dress selected should be one that defines the waist as it conceals the waist. Furthermore, it should add curves and fullness to your lower body. The prom dress should have a high waistline that accentuates the waist and a flowing skirt that conceals the midsection of your body.
  • Tall – Ladies who are tall in height should aim for prom dresses with a full-length frock. Their tall heights are ideal for showcasing patterned prom dresses.
  • Slim – Ladies who have a slender body should shop for prom dresses with a cinched waist or a fashion-forward belt.
  • Petite – Ladies who have a petite body should look for prom dresses that are above-the-knee despite the fact that it is not the tradition.

Curvy Prom Dresses

Selecting the best prom dresses heavily involves dressing right for your body type. This is because the right dress shape can do a terrific job in emphasizing an individual’s favorite body parts such that their overall confidence increases tenfold.


There are a number of prom dress styles that are available in the market today, some of the main ones include halter, modest, golden glamour, empire, one-shoulder, chiffon, baby doll, high-low, lace-covered, sheath, A-line (princess) and ball gown.

  • Baby doll prom dress – It is short and pretty. It is designed to fit at the top and flow at the bottom with a waistline that is high in between the top and bottom of the dress. They have a belt around the stomach and a tied ribbon.
  • One-shoulder prom dress – These prom dresses have just a single shoulder strap. They tend to be elegant and long.
  • Sleeveless gowns – These are formal prom dresses that are completely strapless.
  • Halter prom dress – It resembles a halter top especially at the sleeves and proceeds to flow in the close to the knees. Most of them reach just below the knee level and have a striking resemblance to a high-low dress especially at the hemline.
  • Golden glamor dress – This is a Hollywood style apparel that is shiny gold in appearance.
  • Modest prom dress – This dress is modest, simple and beautiful in appearance. It covers all areas while giving the lady wearing it a touch of elegance and glamour.


The best prom dresses are not complete without quality accessories. There are several accessories that can complement the best prom dresses, these include handbags, clutches, small purses, a tiara, wrist gloves and elbow gloves. It is important to remember that all these accessories must match the prom dress selected.


The above insightful information is proof enough that a lot goes into selecting the best prom dresses. It is important for ladies to know the style of prom dress and accessories that they want to save time when shopping for them.